Domain registration and management

Creating websites requires a domain name. Without it, for example, you can't make a functional website. We offer you a simple way to get a practical and safe domain name for your business.
What is a domain?
A domain is an address on the internet. The most common TLDs or top-level domains for domains in Finland are .fi, .net, and .com. Domains are entered in the URL field in the browser to visit a web service or site. - The domain consists of a domain name and a TLD. Some services can even be hosted under one or more subdomains written before the rest of the domain.
What is a good domain name?

A good domain name is named after the company or the service or product it offers. This makes it easy for customers to find the company they want from amongst millions of websites. Keeping the domain name short is also a good practice. It makes it easier to remember - domain names that are too long are too easily forgotten. A good domain usually does not contain numbers or hyphens.

Almost every business has its website. This also means that so-called \"good\" domains are usually already taken, and the company needs to use its imagination a little while building its website. After finding a suitable domain name, you should consider what top-level domain you would like to use, for example, .com, .net, .org, or perhaps the .fi national domain of Finland. The most common TLD is .com; we recommend you choose that, if available.

Some TLDs, like the .fi-domain, have restrictions applied to them that control what your domain name can be.

Managed DNS

The primary reason domain names are created is that they are much easier to remember than long series of numbers on IP addresses. DNS or Domain Name System is the internet's name service system, which directs domain names to defined IP addresses where the services are hosted. Corpenet offers its customers the option of a managed DNS system that improves the overall performance, reliability, and security of your web services.

When searching for an address, you may have problems with usability and performance. Often this manifests itself as difficulties in finding domain names - in this case, the DNS server may respond slowly and result in a timeout. Hackers are also a potential threat to your data security - they may redirect traffic to fake sites or steal important personal information such as passwords, messages, or credit card information. Managed DNS helps your website improve its security so visitors' information is protected whenever they visit the site.

Your company's name as your domain name
By acquiring an appropriate domain name, you can effortlessly and inexpensively unify your company's look and feel. Usually, the domain is used in company email addresses and the URL address of your websites. Email addresses often take the form of, which increases your company's credibility and memorability even more. Also, check out our web hotels and WordPress services, and together we will create a functional and secure website for your company with all the goodies!
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