Microsoft Nonprofit

Microsoft licenses and services for nonprofit organizations

Microsoft for Nonprofits provides nonprofit organizations with access to technology, resources, and training that empower them to achieve more and transform their impact. By offering discounted and donated solutions, we aim to enable nonprofits to streamline their operations, foster collaboration, and increase their reach to make a more significant difference in the world.
Why Microsoft for Nonprofits?
  • Access to Cutting-edge Technology: Leverage the latest in cloud solutions, including Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and more, tailored to fit the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: Benefit from significant discounts or even free access to essential Microsoft products and services, helping you minimize operational costs and allocate more resources to your core mission.
  • Training and Resources: Gain access to a wealth of learning materials, training sessions, and dedicated support to ensure your organization makes the most of the technology available.
  • Secure and Compliant: With security and compliance at its core, Microsoft's technology ensures your data is protected and your organization meets regulatory requirements.
Key Offerings
  • Microsoft 365 for Nonprofits: Boost productivity with access to Office applications, cloud services for file storage and sharing, email, and more.
  • Azure for Nonprofits: Unlock the power of the cloud with grants and discounts on Azure services to host applications, manage data, and perform analytics.
  • Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits: Enhance donor and volunteer management with CRM capabilities tailored for nonprofit needs.
  • Power Platform for Nonprofits: Automate processes, create custom apps, and analyze data to drive insights and impact.
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