Software development

Why does your company need software development?
As the world digitalizes, the need for various software is growing unprecedentedly. At Corpenet, we provide a software development service that allows you to create new computer software for your business to perform your desired functions. The needs of companies for computer software are unique, so it is also worth creating special software to meet these needs. Customized software is adapted to the operating environment and purpose to make the software work best. Functional software enables further seamless development, making it easy for the software designer to create new components on top of an existing foundation. With modern software, you can increase your company's competitiveness, and with the help of automation, the amount of manual work is reduced. This makes everyday tasks easier and faster, and you can focus on the growth and development of your business.
There are countless programming languages, and more and more are being created. At Corpenet, we use the latest technology in our projects and favor modern programming techniques to make your software look contemporary and work efficiently. Our professionals share their expertise in choosing a programming language, ensuring the best possible outcome for your business. We utilize our expertise in these programming languages: .NET, .NET MAUI, Xamarin, React, React Native, and Flutter.
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Software development steps:
Mapping of the current situation
Software development begins with an inventory of the current state, where you can present your wishes and requirements for your software. This will allow our team to learn about your company's expectations, for example, regarding the software's functionality.
Once the wishes and requirements have been defined, the work progresses through careful planning to the implementation phase. In the implementation phase, our expert's program and coordinate the components related to the operating environment.
Further development
Sometimes your business requirements may change, and your existing software will no longer serve your needs. Our expert team will develop and, if necessary, expand your software so that your company's needs will continue to be met in the future.
What does software development cost?
The price of the software is mainly affected by the working hours spent on the design and implementation of the software. Corpenet offers a software development service starting at 100 euros/hour, costing 4,000 euros per person-week. Contact us via the contact form below or directly by email or phone. Do you have an idea for a successful software or application? We also provide design services for startups who need a helping hand in software design and implementation.