Ordering system

Time to move your orders to digital time!

As trading digitalizes, a company needs to remain competitive. The modern ordering system makes it possible to make purchases from your mobile device, meaning the customer can order the products they want quickly and effortlessly. The benefits of the ordering system include its versatility, transparency, and financial benefits. On top of all that, the ordering system can be integrated and integrated with other software. In this way, for example, you can create a complete and efficient e-commerce package to make your customers comfortable returning to business.

With Corpenet, you can easily create a unique ordering system to meet your business needs. Creating separate views for your ordering system is effortless, allowing you to sell services to different companies at different prices. To make ordering easier, our ordering system offers many payment options in addition to the most common payment methods. This allows the customer to choose the best possible way to pay and receive the order they have placed.

If necessary, we will tailor an ordering system that meets the needs of your company
  • A combination of an ordering system and e-commerce.
  • Ordering system with your design.
  • Integration with other systems in your company.
Our ordering system allows
  • All the most common payment methods.
  • Creating multiple user accounts and logging in under the same company.
  • Printable waybill.
  • Numerous different delivery methods.
  • Current inventory values.
Who is the ordering system suitable for?
Wholesale stores
Printing houses
Why an ordering system?
Thanks to the ordering system, the orderer and the company save time. Customers can choose their favorite products directly from the website, eliminating the need for old-fashioned email or phone subscriptions. A modern and functional ordering system makes doing business on your website easier. This way, you can concentrate salespeople's time on other necessary tasks instead of clumsy phone orders. Because online transactions are customer service wherever the brick-and-mortar business is, the functionality and smoothness of the ordering system are critical to the customer experience. Investing in a modern ordering system can influence how much money your customers spend on your website. An ordering system is an excellent tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs, which allows them to get real-time information about the stock situation and the products sold. By mapping your site's bestsellers, you can easily leverage the data the ordering system collects for your company's future marketing campaigns. In addition to this
  • The customer sees a personal order history.
  • The seller is aware of the stock values.
  • You will get to know the most popular products on your website based on the orders placed by your customers.