Mobile applications

Mobile applications to meet your business needs

Is your goal to create a unique mobile service in the market? With our help, it will work! We have worked closely with SMEs and startups to realize their visions for new mobile applications. We have implemented their numerous application ideas both for internal use by companies and to entertain their customers. The range of mobile applications ranges from communication applications to leisure gaming applications.

Customized marketing with a mobile app
By researching customers' online behavior, a company gets a lot of information about its customer base, enabling it to engage the customer through targeted marketing. Customer data-based marketing campaigns customize content for unique customers, improving their experience. From a customer-centric marketing perspective, the mobile app is an excellent replacement for newsletters and campaigns that fill in inboxes. The mobile app is also a great way to provide easy and fast customer service in a limited environment. We value our customers' thoughts and listen intently to the latest ideas. In addition to application implementations, Corpenet offers a first-class design service that results in your business getting a mobile app that looks just like you. Our experts will travel with you from the idea generation stage to the publication of the finished service. Through us, you can get the app for iOS and Android platforms. If necessary, we also implement application back-end systems and control panels.
iOS or Android? Why not both?

In the digital world, it is in the company’s interest to provide a mobile application for the most common smartphone platforms. iOS is a smartphone platform released by Apple and runs as separate versions on the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. On the other hand, Android is a smartphone platform developed by Google that runs on a wide range of devices. Up to thousands of smartphone, models take advantage of the Android platform, making it the most popular smartphone platform today.

At Corpenet, we have focused on React Native, Xamarin, and .NET MAUI development, which allows us to create high-quality mobile applications. So we run high-quality mobile apps on both platforms, but you can only order the app on a different smartphone platform.

iOS / Android logo
High-quality implementation and testing
The mobile application implementation is cost-effective and transparent. Test versions and systematic testing with the customer ensure high quality.
Publication and maintenance
We will publish the app to app stores (App Store / Google Play). We also take care of the maintenance of the application and any updates.
The latest technology
In developing Android and iOS applications, we use the React Native, Xamarin, and .NET MAUI frameworks.
We take care of the security and security of the application. We always use the latest technology to keep your app up to date.