Automatic WordPress installation
WordPress will be installed automatically and you will receive IDs for Plesk Manager and WordPress within minutes of ordering.
The server environment is fully maintained by Corpenet, so we make sure the server software is also up to date and the latest security patches are installed. The service also includes an automatic daily backup, so your site is always safe.
Plesk management
The Plesk control panel, familiar from our web hotels, can also be found on WordPress.
WordPress logo
WordPress – The world’s most popular publishing platform

Already a quarter of the world’s websites are made with WordPress software. Popularity is based on WordPress’s superior ease of use, free layout design, and extensibility of the site.

With the WordPress publishing system you can build:
  • websites for individuals, businesses and communities blogs
  • service sites, for example, for appointments or event calendars
  • online stores with extensive product catalogs and integrations with various delivery and payment methods
  • extensive web services that use WordPress as a platform
WordPress is easy to use, but taking care of performance and security requires skill and effort. The solution is the WP service we offer, which takes care of the maintenance of the site for you.
WordPress BasicWordPress Basic+WordPress ExtendendWordPress Enterprise
12,00 € / month25,00 € / month50,00 € / monthAsk for a price
Number of visitors per monthbelow 10 000below 20 000below 40 000above 40 000
Disk space15 Gt25 Gt50 Gtaccording to need
Emails5 pcs10 pcs15 pcsaccording to need
SLA199,9 %99,9 %99,9 %99,99 %
24/7 monitoring and response
Automatic backups
Plesk management
Free domain2--
SSL certificate
Dedicated IP---
1For emails, the SLA level cannot be guaranteed
2Free domain (.fi)
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