What is web hosting?
Web hosting is a service that a customer rents from a service provider for their website or online store. Web hosting is a clear entity that includes, in addition to the home page, other useful functions such as collecting site visitor data, email services, and backups. Thus, a web host can be seen as a kind of business space located in an online environment, which the customer rents if he wants to set up a website or email with his own domain. If you wish, you can link the domain to the web hosting service, after which your homepage will be found online with this ID. The most commonly used domain in Finland is the fi domain name. With a domain, you can open new or maintain existing email addresses with your own domain. When the e-mail address is in the form firstname.lastname@companyname.fi, you create a reliable and convincing image for your customers and thus promote the growth and success of your company.
All web hosting packages include a Plesk management system that allows you to perform most operations independently. With the Plesk management system, you can easily create new email accounts, configure email settings, manage databases, and edit passwords for different user account levels. In the event of any problems, you can use our 24-hour monitoring, which will quickly resolve even the smallest problems related to the operation of the webhost.
A secure site increases visibility
Especially when dealing online, it is important that potential customers feel secure and, above all, secure. Because protecting your data and creating a trusted online environment is important to us, we want to offer web hosting customers an SSL certificate. The SSL letter combination itself consists of the words Secure Sockets Layer, which describes an encrypted connection between a visitor to a website and a server. This will ensure that visitors information on your site remains secure from third parties. You get an HTTPS connection to your site that communicates to your customers about a secure and secure website. An SSL certificate has also been researched to improve the search engine visibility of your website, making your site rank higher in Google search results.
Individuals, organizations, and larger companies can enjoy web hosting. When choosing a web host, you should pay attention to the size of the disk space and the number of email boxes. We have created ready-made web hosting packages to help you get started smoothly with your website to make your decision easier. The web host's job is to take care of, among other things, backup and various email functions so that you can focus on developing your website without any worries.
Webhotel SmallWebhotel BasicWebhotel Company
7,90 € / month9,90 € / month14,90 € / month
Disk space2 Gt5 Gt10 Gt
Emails1 pcs3 pcs5 pcs
SLA199,9 %99,9 %99,9 %
24/7 monitoring and response
Automatic backups
Plesk management
SSL certificate
1For emails, the SLA level cannot be guaranteed
Custom web hosting for your business?
The needs of each company are unique, so we offer the option of custom web hosting that meets your company's exact requirements. Fill out the contact form below or contact us directly by phone or email.
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