Time to move orders to digital time!

As trading digitalizes, a company needs to remain competitive. The modern ordering system makes it possible to make purchases from your mobile device, which means that the customer can order the products they want quickly and effortlessly.


With Corpenet, you can easily create a unique ordering system to meet your business needs. It is effortless to develop your separate views for your ordering system, which allows you to sell services to different companies at different prices. To make ordering easier, our ordering system offers several payment options in addition to the most common payment methods. This allows the customer to choose the best possible way to pay and receive the order they have placed.


If necessary, we will tailor an ordering system that meets the needs of your company

  • A combination of an ordering system and e-commerce.

  • Ordering system with your design.

  • Integration with other systems in your company.

Check out BD Medical's ordering system


BD Medical is the first Finnish skincare concept founded in 2015, which combines LED light therapy, exfoliations with pH acidification, and active biomedical ingredients. The cornerstones of the series are efficiency and high quality. The products are available in exclusive treatment facilities throughout Finland.

In 2021, we implemented a combination of BD Medical's ordering program and e-commerce. With the help of the ordering system, clinics can conveniently order products from the website at individual prices. Similarly, consumers can easily order BD Medical products at the nearest post office.