Microsoft tools for free for nonprofits

Did you know that a nonprofit organization can get Microsoft tools for free? Eligible nonprofits can receive the offers below as a donation or upgrade to more advanced activities at a substantial discount. Grants and discounts from nonprofit organizations are conditional on the organization being an officially recognized charity in their country and accepting Microsoft's anti-discrimination policies. Microsoft reserves the right to review compliance at any time and, if necessary, suspend service to non-compliant organizations.


Get the tools to make your non-profit organization successful.

Give staff and volunteers the keys to success with the dynamic tools in our nonprofit service packages. Provide team members with free email and the ability to edit and save files online. With video conferencing, instant messaging, and your own Yammer site, you can bring groups around the world together.


What are the eligibility requirements for Microsoft nonprofit programs?

Nonprofit organizations and NGOs must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be legally recognized charities in their countries of operation.

  • Their activities must be non-profit-making.

  • Their mission must be related to the broader societal interest.

  • They must comply with Microsoft's anti-discrimination policy.

  • They should only grant access to eligible employees.

  • How long does the eligibility check take?


We will make efforts to make decisions regarding compliance as soon as possible, but the process may take 20 business days. Duration is also affected by how quickly the organization responds to requests for additional documents and country-specific requirements.

Who can join a nonprofit to receive a discount or donation?

Donations from nonprofit organizations are only allowed to their employees and volunteers in management positions. Discounts for nonprofit organizations are allowed for all employees of nonprofit organizations and volunteers. Beneficiaries, members, and donors of a nonprofit organization are NOT entitled to access or subscribe to nonprofit organizations. See the eligibility page for more information.

Want to know if your organization meets the requirements? Contact our sales by email: or contact form and we'll work it out for you.