For startups

Have an idea for an excellent mobile app or software?

Corpenet wants to support Finnish startups by offering more cheap software services free of charge for shares. We study each investment separately. We provide software services for about 10–50% more reasonable hourly fees per share. Because the needs of each company are unique, we also invest in development, advertising, and marketing work in some companies.

Your company's next joint project?

Corpenet is a young and innovative software house founded in 2019, where we value new and entrepreneurial ideas. Already in 2021, we joined to support two startup companies, and by 2022 there are plans to join forces with four different startups on different projects.

Let's make your dream come true together and create something new!
At Corpenet, we believe that even small ideas may have the seeds of a successful business. For this reason, we offer startups a low-threshold opportunity to present their vision of a working mobile application or software.